UTL Release Files

UTL 2021 12 Beta Preview Release

In line with the NHS Digital Pathology and Diagnostics Product Roadmap we are pleased to announce a BETA preview release of revised content has now been published in human-readable form on our collaboration space. 

An overview presentation of the release is available to download here and the slides from the release feedback workshop can be downloaded here

 This release contains 4,220 SNOMED CT concepts: 

  • 3,866 reportable observable entities 
  • 354 requestable procedure codes 

Significant changes in this release: 

  • Replacement of the ‘Specimen’ SNOMED attribute with ‘inheres_in’ and ‘direct_site’ attributes for 3,417 reportable concepts   
  • Lists of terms in tab-separated (TSV) file format are no longer included in the review pack 

 Separately to this Beta release we are also publishing a number of draft concepts for review on the NHS Digital Kahootz collaboration site.   

  • ~50 draft candidate concepts representing the specialist discipline of Cellular Pathology: Cytology 

Please note these draft concepts have not been assigned SNOMED Concept IDs and are intended for the purpose of reviewing the term descriptions and modelling only: 

Please use the links below to download the release documentation