Requesting Changes to DD4C Content

Making your request

If you wish to add new content to the DD4C, you must do so by submitting your new content to the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service using our Change Submission Form.

If you wish to modify existing content or archive content  or just view unpublished content (not viewable on Delen), you must submit a Change Request Form to the Terminology & Classifications Delivery Service.

The prime purpose of the Change Request Form is to enable the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service to provide of a populated Change Submission Form to you.

Note: If you need to add, modify or archive more than one record within DD4C, you will be provided with a populated Change Submission Form for each record requested.

You should modify the content in the populated Change Submission Form, in accordance with the instructions held within the Change Submission Form

Once your Change Submission Form is complete, it must be submitted to the Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service.

Processing your request

Once successfully validated, we will apply the request to the DD4C on Delen and notify you that your request has been successfully completed.

We may also contact you as part of the validation process if the request cannot be successfully completed.