Release of National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) map files

Updated NICIP map files will be released on 31 October 2022 and can be downloaded from the Technology Reference Update Distribution (TRUD) platform. These will consist of:

  • NICIP to SNOMED CT mapping files: inactivated SNOMED codes replaced
  • NICIP to OPCS-4.9 mapping files: OPCS-4.9 codes updated to improve map from NICIP or compliance with coding standards

These map files have been prioritised as user feedback indicates these are an important part of Trust maintenance process and the fact the files are out of step with the data deployed elsewhere is problematic.

NICIP maintenance

The pandemic requirement for rapid development and release of COVID-19 related terminology concepts has been the priority for the team. During this time the team experienced reduced capacity and capability which had an impact on the progress of some of our work including NICIP. As COVID-19 requirements have reduced the team have now stabilised the SNOMED CT releases, improved the resilience of our pipeline, tested a new NICIP authoring platform, and increased the authoring capacity. This means we are in a good position to resume NICIP work.

Next steps

The updating of the NICIP code set will be an iterative process and start with:

  • ¬†Publication of the 2023/34 terminology release schedule by December 2022 to include a release schedule for the NICIP code set
  • Triage of existing requests for change to those that are still required and of the highest priority. As part of this we have contacted original requestors to determine if their request is still required
  • Release of new NICIP codes in Q1 of financial year 2023/24

If you have any questions, please contact the Information Standards Service Desk


The National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure (NICIP) code set enables accurate ordering of medical procedures and direct commissioning of services. The NICIP terminology provides a common, consistent and unambiguous representation of imaging procedures, for consistent recording and sharing of information.

The NICIP code set is available for download via TRUD.

Requesting a change

Clinicians and system managers working with the Picture Archiving Communication Systems and Radiology Information Systems can make requests for additions to the NICIP code set via the Request Submission Portal.

All requests will be reviewed by terminologists at NHS England against existing NICIP content and the under-pinning editorial principles.

We recommend that you read the NICIP covering letter before submitting any requests, as this summarises the main changes since the previous version.