SNOMED CT is a structured clinical vocabulary for use in electronic health records. It is the most comprehensive and clinical health terminology product in the world, with extensive adoption across the globe.

SNOMED CT gives clinical IT systems a single shared language, making the exchange of information between systems easier, safer and more accurate. It contains all the clinical terms needed for the whole NHS, from procedures and symptoms through to clinical measurements, diagnoses and medications.

SNOMED CT is an NHS approved fundamental standard (SCCI0034).

Further information on the terminology, including implementation guidelines and requirements are available on the NHS Digital website.

Implementation Support Pack

Our SNOMED CT Implementation Support Pack is designed to help you implement SNOMED CT and prepare your organisation for the transition. Split into distinct parts, our guidance documents take you through the five pivotal stages of the implementation process. 

NHS Digital Terminology Server

FHIR® compliant solution that holds and disseminates assured international terminologies and classifications (such as SNOMED CT and ICD-10) and national terminologies.

To learn more about the server, visit the NHS Digital website.

Value Set Management Tool Project

We are designing a tool to help people create SNOMED CT value sets easily and accurately, with the intention that any user can find, change, build and maintain the appropriate set of clinical terms they need, for what they want to do. 

Training Resources

Access our range of education resources, which are divided into preliminary and technical modules and tailored to the needs of different stakeholder groups.

SNOMED CT Release Area

Our SNOMED CT Release area allows you to view our Release Schedules, download Release Documentation and keep up to date with important notices and known issues.

SNOMED CT Case Studies

Browse through our library of SNOMED CT Case Studies.

SNOMED CT to Classification Maps

The UK maps are a link from SNOMED CT to OPCS-4 and ICD-10, compiled to reflect the national clinical coding standards and aid the application of the three dimensions of coding accuracy.

To learn more, visit our SNOMED CT to Classification Maps page.

Content Changes

Submit a change request for SNOMED CT via the Request Submission Portal.

Data Dictionary for Care

The DD4C provides information (metadata) about SNOMED CT refsets and subsets. It is designed to help users better understand the purpose and intended uses of refsets and subsets. 

NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser

The NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser provides ways to browse and search content within the SNOMED CT UK Edition.

Read Codes to SNOMED CT Maps

Our databases hold the current maps for:


Keep up to date with the latest SNOMED CT guidance relating to COVID-19.