Find information about ICD-11 and our preparations for the implementation of ICD-11 in the NHS in England as well as opportunities to get involved by giving feedback on our approach and joining interactive engagement sessions to share your thoughts and suggestions. We will continually update the content on these pages and over the coming weeks will add new tailored content sections for Mental Health Professionals, Data set Developers and Analysts and Researchers.

We are working closely with our colleagues in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales but all information contained here should be regarded as having application to England only. You will be able to find specific information about the work being done in the other UK countries by visiting their pages and links to these will be provided at the foot of this page as they become available.

ICD-11 in the rest of the UK

Use the links below to visit the ICD-11 pages for the organisations leading implementation work in the UK's devolved administrations.