SNOMED CT Implementation Support

The SNOMED CT Implementation Support Pack is a set of guidance documents, specifically designed to help you implement SNOMED CT and prepare your organisation for the transition. 

The pack is split into five distinct parts, taking you though the five pivotal stages of the implementation process:

1. SNOMED CT in the NHS - The Background and Business Case

This document answers the fundamental question of what SNOMED CT is and why the NHS needs it.

2. Defining SNOMED CT Compliance

This document explains what is meant by the term "SNOMED CT Compliant" and the part that you can play in the definition.

3. Planning your SNOMED CT Transition

This document explains who you should involve in your adoption of SNOMED CT and the planning stages you may go through to prepare for the system and organisational changes involved.

4. Defining SNOMED CT Related Requirements

This document explains that requirements might make up a functional specification for a SNOMED CT enabled Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, whether you're creating one as a care organisation or an IT System Supplier.

5. Assuring SNOMED CT Related Requirements

This document explains some of the key considerations that need to be taken when assuring your SNOMED CT related EPR system requirements.