Affects of DD4C Migration to Delen

Overview of the effect on DD4C capabilities following the migration to Delen

The Data Dictionary for Care (DD4C) has been migrated to Delen and is no longer available on the original DD4C website. Anyone attempting to access the original DD4C website will be automatically re-directed to the DD4C page on Delen.

The following bullets summarise areas of content or functionality that remain (although the user experience may be slightly different);

  • Published Subset Metadata remains freely available to users without the need to have an account,
  • All data attributes for Published Subset Metadata continue to be viewable on a single page,
  • Subset Metadata content can still be downloaded from Delen in an Excel spreadsheet format - on request.

The following bullets summarise areas of functionality or content that are significantly changed or withdrawn;

  • Unpublished Subset Metadata has not been migrated to Delen and therefore is not available on this site - however it is available by request.
  • No other Metadata Type (i.e. Archetype Metadata or Data Set Metadata) has been migrated to Delen platform and therefore searches are only possible of Published Subset Metadata,
    • Information relating to Data Sets remains available¬†on this page
  • Associations between one Subset and another Subset have not been migrated to Delen.
  • Related Links to other websites, (such as NHS Data Model and Dictionary), have not been migrated to Delen,
  • No user accounts have been migrated across to Delen,
  • Two grid views of DD4C Subset Metadata content are available,
    • A Summary view (which shows six Subset Metadata data attributes),
    • A Detailed View (which shows all Subset Metadata data attributes),
  • Subset Metadata content can be sorted, on up to three data attributes, in either grid view.