Our ICD-11 Implementation Approach

We're in the very early pre-implementation stage of preparations for moving to ICD-11 across the NHS in England. Our priority at this point is to develop a high-level implementation plan, which we aim to draft by the end of March 2023. We don't yet have an implementation date for ICD-11, but our assumption is that ICD-11 will not become a mandated information standard for the NHS in England before April 2026.

Below we've provided a short video presentation that gives some background to ICD-11 and outlines our approach to this pre-implementation stage. The presentation has also been provided as a PDF for you to download as a reference.

To help develop our implementation plan, we have documented our stakeholder groups and use cases, which we will use to assess the impact of the move to ICD-11. We've provided a downloadable interactive catalogue containing details of the stakeholder profiles and use cases that we have identified so far. This will develop over the coming weeks as we add more stakeholders and use cases and we welcome your input. You can use the links below to suggest additional use cases or stakeholders, or you can use the feedback link within the catalogue.

ICD-11 Pre-Implementation Overview

Stakeholder Profiles and Use Case Catalogue

Stakeholder Profile and Use Case Catalogue_SHOW_v01

Note that your instance of MS Office may prevent you opening the catalogue. If this is the case, locate the file in your download folder, right click on it, select "properties" then check the "Unblock" box, click "Apply" and then click "OK"