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  • Please take part in the public consultation on the NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework

    Published: November 2018

    On October 17th, Secretary of State Matt Hancock published his vision for The Future of Healthcare. The vision emphasises the importance of technology and in particular the importance of technical standards that will help the NHS and social care to benefit from the potential of modern technology. The vision is out for consultation and people can provide feedback on it via this questionnaire.

    Alongside the vision, we have also published two important documents, which we are keen to get your feedback on. These documents are:

    1. The NHS Digital, Data and Technology Standards Framework


    1. The Clinical Information Standards Specification 

    You can read and comment upon both documents on our dedicated consultation platform. The documents are in a format which allows you to comment publicly, but anonymously, so that everyone can see what each other is saying. Our hope is that this will help to avoid duplication, while also prompting thoughts and helping themes to emerge. There is also a short questionnaire on the site which allows you to provide feedback privately. The documents cover standards that are very important to the Delen community, including SNOMED CT, dm+d, ICD and OPCS-4 so it is essential that we get as much feedback as possible.

    We very much look forward to reading your responses, which will be used to update the documents and inform our plans.

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    By Gavin McIntosh 4 years ago

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  • dm+d Description Guidance

    Published: September 2018

    NHS Digital has published new guidance on the use of descriptions from the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d).

    This document provides guidance to system suppliers and programmes on a consistent approach on how to use and display terms from the dm+d whilst accepting that individual programme requirements may provide more detailed information.

    The document can be viewed at the NHSBSA dm+d page, under Implementation Guidance.

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    By Katy Park 4 years ago

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  • Clinical Terminologies in the NHS: SNOMED CT and dm+d

    Published: July 2017

    Read this review article by NHS Digital's Ian Spiers, Jo Goulding and Ian Arrowsmith published in the British Journal of Pharmacy 05-Jul-2017 and available free of charge via Open Access


    Clinical terminologies are fundamental to the successful recording of clinical data within Electronic Health Record systems and are important in enabling the sharing of data between systems. An overview of the structure and benefits of the international terminology SNOMED CT and the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) are described. Also discussed is a history of clinical terminologies used within the NHS.


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    By Gavin McIntosh 5 years ago

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  • SCCI0052 Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) conversion standards published

    Published: May 2017

    The Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) has recommended that the existing Information Standards Board (ISB) standard, ISB 0052, be converted to a SCCI standard. The new SCCI standard, SCCI0052 Dictionary of Medicines and Devices (dm+d) is now in effect and replaces the ISB 0052 standard. The information standard is a dictionary for use in the National Health Service (NHS) of medicines licensed in the United Kingdom. Conformance with this information standard is due by 30 June 2017. SCCI have published the Information Standards Notice (ISN), Requirement Specification and Implementation Guidance for SCCI0052 on the SCCI website. For more information, please contact the service at information.standards@nhs.net

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    By Heather Douglas 6 years ago

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