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Interactive ICD-11 Stakeholder Profile and Use Case Catalogue Published

We have published the first version of ourĀ ICD-11 Interactive Catalogue of Stakeholder Profiles and Use Cases. The catalogue is intended to help us identify the stakeholder groups and use cases that need to be considered when developing our ICD-11 implementation approach, impact assessments and implementation plan. As with all our ICD-11 work, we are adopting a "share early" principle, so that our work can benefit from stakeholder input as early as possible. The catalogue contains a feedback mechanism and our implementation approach page provides links to forms where you can suggest additional stakeholders and use cases. Because we are sharing early, there will likely be a higher than normal number of bugs or errors, but we hope that any annoyance caused by this is outweighed by the benefits of having earlier sight and earlier opportunities to provide feedback. We hope you find the catalogue useful.

Created by Gavin McIntosh 8 months ago