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2023-24 Clinical Coding Auditor and Trainer Schedule - Payment Information

Published: February 2023

Dear Colleague,

We confirm the following payment information for all events included in our CCTP and CCAP 2023-24 Training and Events schedule:

NHS England (NHS Digital)
T56 Receivables A129
PO Box 312
LS11 1HP

These details can also be found on the CCTP and CCAP Assessment Day pages.

We are not accepting application at present; we have provided this information so that organisations can begin processing purchase orders so as not to unnecessarily delay applications to the CCTP and CCAP assessment days.

N.B. Please do not submit purchase order documents separately from the rest of the application documents, submit them together once we have begun accepting applications. 

We will open applications for the programmes in the coming weeks and will provide a notification via Delen at that time.

Kind regards,

Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service

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