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Published: March 2023

Dear colleagues,

Due to recent organisational changes, there will be a delay to the release of classifications training products and a reduced intake on trainer and auditor programmes during 2023/24.

The following information aims to provide our classification users with the reasons for this as well as explaining the impact to our training products and services.


On 1 February 2023, NHS England, and NHS Digital legally merged. This will be followed by the incorporation of Health Education England on 1 April 2023 to create a new, single organisation to lead the NHS in England; to deliver high-quality services for all.

Please refer to NHS England » NHS Digital and NHS England complete merger for more information.

Classifications training

This period of transition and change places additional pressures on our teams, but we remain fully committed to delivering what we can within our current resources.

Following the 2022/23 Clinical Coding Auditor and Trainer Programme development work, we expected to support a larger intake on our 2023/24 Train the Trainer and Train the Auditor courses. and this situation will remain the same until organisational changes are complete and we know the size and shape of the team.

Whilst the organisational change progresses through various stages, we need to take a pragmatic approach and schedule what is achievable with the resources we have. We will regularly assess this situation and adjust accordingly. Any changes will be communicated on our Delen website.

Information relating to training delivery and the release of training materials is detailed below:

Clinical Coding Trainer Programme (CCTP)

  • Assessment Day - 12 places
  • 2 x Train the Trainer courses - 6 places (per course)

Clinical Coding Auditor Programme (CCAP)

  • Assessment Day - 12 places
  • 2 x Train the Trainer courses - 6 places (per course)

Core national clinical coding training materials

  • Clinical Coding Standards Courses (CCSC), Modules 1-4 - Deliver module by module as completed during the period April to May 2023
  • Clinical Coding Standards Refresher Course (CCSRC) - Deliver during the period April to May 2023
  • NCCQ (UK) Revision Workshop, Modules 1-3 - Deliver module by module as completed during the period April to May 2023

From the messages received on our collaboration platforms, and through feedback sent to our helpdesk, we are aware that the reduced number of places on our courses is as frustrating for our users, as it is for us.

We will take on board the feedback about the application and early notification processes and look to make improvements in time for the next intake. For clarification, the current process is summarised below:

  • To gain a place on the Assessment Day, all applications are assessed against the criteria published in the:
  • Subject to meeting the criteria, potential candidates are accepted onto the Assessment Day on a first come, first served basis.
  • When a course is oversubscribed, an applicant that meets the criteria will automatically be placed on a waiting list and this is confirmed to the applicant.
  • If a place becomes available on the Assessment Day, the place will be offered to an applicant on the waiting list. Priority will be given to a Trust that has not already been offered a place for the relevant intake. Where a Trust has more than one applicant, the Clinical Coding manager will be asked to confirm which applicant should be offered the place.
  • Any applicant that does not meet the required criteria receives confirmation and feedback.

We are committed to delivering the best service to our users. We ask that you please bear with us as we enter this period of organisational change, all of which is very unsettling for individuals and teams. We will keep you updated on developments, including the future products and services offering.

Kind regards,

Terminology and Classifications Delivery Service

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