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New dm+d web page

Published: March 2023

Dear colleague, 

A new webpage has been created which consolidates all the key information about the NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d).

The page contains:

  • an introduction to dm+d and its use as a fundamental standard
  • the dm+d data model and key use cases of the main concept classes
  • links to dm+d resources such as eLearning modules, policies, implementation and mapping guidance
  • links for accessing dm+d data through the browsers, the Terminology Server and TRUD
  • videos providing an overview of the enhancements being made to the terminologies and using the Terminology Server
  • contact information for implementation and technical queries and support with the development changes of the terminologies.

The webpage can be accessed through this link.

Kind regards

Terminology and Classifications Service

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Created by Katy Park 2 months ago