Healthcare Resource Groups (HRG) Related Resources

The below resources are specifically related to those aspects of clinical coding that we know are affected by HRGs.

Unless otherwise stated, the resourcesĀ  have been provided by the National Casemix Office and are hosted here to provide additional guidance to the Coding Service. They are not in themselves national standards and should only be used as guidance. More information about HRGs can be found on the National Casemix Office website.

Individual coding query resolutions will not be included in this resource area, please visit the Query Resolution Database if you are looking for specific resolutions or guidance.

If you have a query specifically relating to HRGs, you can direct your query to the National Casemix Office at

In instances where your query relates to the national standards or the classifications themselves, please follow theĀ process outlined within the Clinical Coding Query Mechanism.

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Guidance around coding the same procedure that has been performed on different sites