Data Dictionary for Care (DD4C)

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Subset Name
Accommodation Tenure
Subset Type
Realm Concept
Refset FSN
Accommodation tenure findings simple reference set (foundation metadata concept)
Refset ID
Refset Type
Subset Description
This subset describes the Accommodation Tenure of the subject's usual residence.
Subset Status
Subset Status Date 01 Oct 2019
Owner (Organisation Name)
NHS Digital;
Usage Type
Usage Description
This forms part of the vocab for AccommodationSnCT (XML) in messaging specifications. A subset of SNOMED-CT intended for use in the UK, a set of codes which represent aspects of accommodation including type and tenure of accommodation. This vocab contains multiple distinct sub-sets of codes.
Any code from the SNOMED CT UK AccommodationTenure subset with subset original id 6161000000138.
Any code from the SNOMED CT UK AccommodationType subset with subset original id 6171000000131.
The use of this subset is Advisory as defined in latest version of "NPFIT-ELIBR-AREL-P1R2-0178 Technical Guidance for Implementation of Templated CDA Domains."
Geographic Usage
Usage Category
Finding; Messaging Interoperability; User interface;
Inclusion Criteria
Age group - any age; Gender - not specified; Sex - not specified;
Subject Category
Health Care; Health Care.Hospital care; Health Care.Primary care; Health Care.Public Health; Health Care.Social care; Psychiatry and Psychology/Mental Health; Social Sciences;
Subset Release Category
UK Clinical Extension
Folder Name
File Name
Subset Licence Type
ICD10 Licence; IHTSDO SNOMED CT� Licence; OPCS Licence; Open Government Licence; UKTC SNOMED CT� Licence;
Metadata Version
Last Updated 10 Nov 2020